My mission is to help you become the strongest version of yourself by eliminating the root causes of your self-doubt, stress or anxiety, resolve life or career direction and frustration.

 I thrive on, you being clear minded, not feeling stuck, you being happy, to have no social anxieties or phobias, to kick depression in the butt.

Eliminating your worldly fears and negative beliefs that    prevent you from being who you want to be, or living the

life you want to live. Together we resolve any trauma’s or losses you have endured, so you can finally move forward with a light heart and a smile on your face.

There is no more time for not believing in yourself. Believing in yourself and having an awesome super healthy self-confidence is key. If you have been struggling with your weight or an eating disorder, you are at the right place, let’s get rid of it and get you on track to what you want to be and start loving what you see in that mirror.

Simplicity is key to health, wealth and happiness. The real reality is, most things don’t matter. It’s just noise and meaningless nonsense that distracts you from living the life you want. Life is simple really, but we insist on making it complicated.

Over the course of my life, I’ve been physically and mentally weak, skinny, fat, sad, depressed, insecure, painfully shy, socially awkward, crippled with anxiety and indecision and more than once find myself feeling terribly alone and stuck.

How I got into coaching


Overcoming these obstacles took many years and lots of tear’s and hard work. During this time of trial and error I always hoped and looked for mentors, people willing to give advice or involve themselves with me to guide me, whether in my personal life or career, but most people are too busy.

The people close to us are not neutral, in their opinions, and I kept wondering how easy life would be if a genuine helping hand was around, to pull me up, instead of pushing me down.

Without realizing it, through my personal journey and work challenges, I started sharing with others, listening to others, and not realising that I was taking on responsibilities of guiding people in my life with their challenges, building them up, helping them to overcome their fears and doubts. I had tremendous satisfaction seeing their development and the awesome people they became, physically and emotionally.

Through lengthy and unpleasant careers of over 24 years, fighting office politics, ego’s, selfish immoral managers, witnessing deceit, the deliberate destruction of people’s lives and emotions, the impact on many employees by the few that abuse their power and lust for greed,

I realized that my mission in life is more than just to survive and stand tall above all these challenges, but to rather use what I have learnt to empower others.

Likewise did the traumas and failures in my personal life teach me hard lessons and enriched my life with wisdom and peace that has been so useful and helpful to others going through personal challenges.These experiences as bad or unpleasant as they may have been forced me to develop incredible people skills, invaluable life skills and create coping mechanisms in my life to rise above these challenges.

Looking back at my life I realized that I have been mentoring people all my life, on a personal level, in my private gym I have had for over 25 years, in the career positions I have held. It was in my blood, and my vision was clear to become an exceptional transformation coach, so I added the credentials to my life experience, and became one formally!


My values, beliefs, and philosophy

Take it one step at a time.

Life can seem overwhelming sometimes, but especially so when we are trying new things or moving in new directions. When tasks or projects are broken down into bite size pieces it’s a lot easier to accomplish your objectives. Even better when a guiding hand is there to help you through the process.

Perception is reality.

Believing in yourself, having a positive healthy self-confidence is critical to how you are viewed by others. Your own perceptions are mirrored by others, so how you present yourself is key to how you are viewed and interacted with.

Goals without timetables are nothing more than dreams

It’s important to identify the steps to achieving your goals as well as the time frame in which you are going to accomplish them. Taking action = Achieving your goal.

If one way doesn’t work, there is always another way.

Frustration can often lead to despair, especially when it comes to your career. By establishing the root causes of what is truly holding you back in life, your bright future is a hop skip and a jump away

I am not better than anyone else.

If I look down on anyone else, race, gender, sexuality, age, financial standing etc., I am losing out on the best part of what it is to be human and I am denying myself true happiness, wealth and health. When I judge, I will be judged. When I am kind and accepting, I will receive kindness and acceptance in return.

Things I Love

  • Muscle Cars
  • Bling! Anything that shines!
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Tropical Islands
  • My real life super hero – Dwayne Johnson
  • Working out and feeling good.
  • Seeing people happy.
  • Egypt
  • Good reliable stable friends and relationships.
  • DIY projects.

Education, Training and Credentials

  • Certified Life Coach Transformation Coaching Academy, 2019.
  • Certified Transformation Coach Transformation Coaching Academy, 2019.
  • Certified Negative Emotional Therapy Practitioner Transformation Coaching Academy, 2019.
  • Certified Nero-Linguistic Programming Practitioner Transformation Coaching Academy, 2019.
  • Diploma in Exercise Science HFPA (Health & Fitness Professionals Association), Feb 2010 – July 2012.
  • Fitness Counselling. ET Diploma The Health Foundation Cape Town, Technikon, 1993 – 1995.
  • Sports Conditioning Trainer HFPA (Health & Fitness Professionals Association), 2012.
  • Training in Different Environments HFPA (Health & Fitness Professionals Association), 2012.
  • Movement Studies Diploma The Health Foundation Cape Town, 1993 – 1995.
  • Exercise & Fitness Studies Diploma The Health Foundation Cape Town, 1993 – 1995.