Transformation Coaching, the process,

how it works and what it will do for you.

Transformation coaching is a way of working with you as an individual, that moves beyond the surface of the presenting topic. It fundamentally impacts on all of 'who you are'. It enables you to have a different relationship with yourself in how you see, think, feel and behave in situations as well as in your interactions with others.


T ransformation is, by definition, a thorough or dramatic change in form or character—a metamorphosis, of sorts. Although we change all the time, we certainly do not transform all the time. The grand cycle of life and death offers to each of us the greatest transformational experience possible, yet within a person’s lifetime true transformation is a relatively rare occurrence. Think back for a moment across the span of your life and identify how many times you can honestly say you ‘transformed,’ in that you went through a period of thorough or dramatic change in form or character—a metamorphosis on an external or internal level. My guess is you can count them on one hand. These are instances of ‘human transformation,’ and it’s helpful to clarify what we mean by that phrase because the meaning influences how we define transformation coaching.

In simple terms, transformation coaching is focused on enabling self-actualization. Far more than ‘options-strategy-action’ to attain goals or clarity or to get better at something, transformation coaching dives deep into an individual’s psyche, focusing on who that person is and desires to become. Transformation coaching is therefore an ontological approach because it is about ‘being’ rather than ‘doing.’

The big questions there for is: “Who do you choose to be?” and what makes the process transformational is learning and doing what it takes to grow into the embodiment of that choice in being.

Most of us, will still bring our personal goals, objectives, and high dreams to the table in transformation coaching conversations; however, both coach and client are aware that those function as the context for the deeper dive within, and are not the end game in themselves. The driving question remains grounded in a choice in being: Who do I need to be in order for my goals or dreams to become a reality? The ‘becoming’ process is the transformation path, and the end game is the embodiment of higher than realised levels of existence.

To facilitate this process, a transformation coach supports you to dive below the surface and immerse you in self-exploration, to examine your beliefs, images, and interpretations about who you are and your purpose and place in this world—it is all of these which give rise to your existing way of being, and examining them sheds light on why you experience life as you do.

From you, it requires the willingness to face shadowy fears and beliefs in order to become free of patterns of thought and emotion that have held you captive for a lifetime. Change then happens at the core level of your mind, within your internal operating system, and when you start growing significantly at this level it creates the starting point, for equally significant shifts in your behaviors, choices, and emotions.

Over time, real transformation occurs, and the necessary thoughts, attitudes, and actions which function to bring envisioned goals into existence will arise organically, as an expression of the fulfillment of your higher nature.

A Transformation coach listens for the underlying beliefs and assumptions you are speaking from. Whether the speaking or acting comes from facts, patterns of behavior, assumptions, or feelings. Once identified and explored the transformation coaching process helps you develop the clarity to recognize what has been holding you back from full expression and helps you discover the most productive way to move forward. Seeing and experiencing ourselves differently is the first requirement to make shifts in our behavior and habits.


“Change can be hard. It requires no extra effort to settle for the same old thing. Autopilot keeps us locked into past patterns. But transforming your life? That requires courage, commitment, and effort. It’s tempting to stay camped in the zone of That’s-Just-How-It-Is. But to get to the really good stuff in life, you have to be willing to become an explorer and adventurer.”

— John Mark Green

Both traditional life coaching and transformational coaching have some universal qualities such as open questioning and focusing on the client for answers, but there are also key differences to be found. In traditional forms of coaching, we see certain restrictions on the part of both the coach and the individual receiving coaching. This means the client must work within the parameters of the specific model of coaching.

A traditional life coach will focus on a client’s goals and objectives, working collaboratively to explore possible ways to achieve it, blockers that could prevent success and ultimately to shape a realistic plan to help the client reach their desired result.

A Transformation Coach might similarly start with goal setting and a sense of the ideal outcome. The work would likely progress differently, however. In broad terms, in the Transformation Coaching space a coach is much more likely to explore your view of the world, view of self and your relationships. This will involve looking at your current set of assumptions around things that matter most to you, your beliefs, your values, your use of language and what this reveals around your view of the world, the stories that have been created in your life and how this affects how you live. Thus, a Transformation Coach provides a space to improve your self-awareness and help you to see yourself afresh. This root-cause approach in turn can help to facilitate profound change in your life, more so than in other traditional forms of life coaching.

Why is it that we more than often fail at our plans to improve on ourselves, taken on a new challenge or task or direction in life? Most of us seem to get very excited or amped up by someone, a book, a seminar we attended etc. and decide to do something amazing for ourselves, generally involving some sort of change or new direction, only to find that we seem to run out of steam and enthusiasm after a week or so and more than often give up or change direction already.

This is because we are doing all of this with our will power only. Will power in the majority of people comes in very short supply and don’t last very long in the strongest of us. In fact, as weak as it is, Will power only takes up 5% of our conscious mind.

The truth is that our Subconscious mind dictates 95% of our minds. That means 95% of our behavior, actions and life! The Subconscious mind is your “internal storage facility” of all information you receive via your senses. Sneakily though, your subconscious mind has set up a set of rules, “Filters”, to which it decides which information it wants to store or not and in what way it wants to store it. These contains amongst others, your beliefs, thoughts, emotions, habits, values, culture.  e.g. what you believe is possible/not possible for you; the belief that you are/aren’t good enough.

These “set of rules / filters” and the way your subconscious mind has stored your life experiences have been influenced by the way you grew up, your parents influence on you, your teachers, your friends, people around you effecting your opinions, mostly between your time of birth till the age of 21.

Whatever you believe or subconsciously you have accepted to be true or a certain way, will dictate the life experience you will have and without re-evaluating or changing your beliefs, you will continue to have the exact same life experience, over and over, until you change your beliefs.

But that’s why you are here! All of it can be changed. During this mind blowing programme, we will help you identify and delete negative emotions from your subconscious, change your beliefs into powerful, empowering beliefs, change the picture of yourself stored in your subconscious, make you see your true worth. All this and so much more will help you re-discover yourself, your direction in life, re-establish new habits and birth positive healthy behavior in your life.

Imagine yourself having fulfilling relationships, being happy at work, being passionate and energetic about your life and future, not being afraid of change or taking risks, loving what you see in the mirror each day and falling asleep at night feeling peaceful.

How do I get that you ask? Every positive change in your life begins with a clear, unequivocal decision that you are either going to do something or stop doing something. Our coaching program is unique and designed to get you to where you want to be.

We start with a free consultation to evaluate your needs and determine if coaching can help you reach what you set out to achieve.

Coaching can be done face to face at our offices in Observatory, Johannesburg or virtually via Zoom, Skype etc. Face to face sessions are encouraged as it helps to build more personal connection between yourself and the coach.

Languages: Course presentation in English. Coaching bilingual in English and Afrikaans.

The coaching programme takes 16-18 hours to complete.

Option A:       Three consecutive days (9am through to 5pm each day)

Option B:       One 2-hour session per week over 8/9 weeks.

Option C:       Two 2-hour sessions per week over 4 weeks.


Once you have completed the above programme, you may book individual 2-hour sessions to deal with specific further issues / challenges that may arrives or that you may require assistance with.

Program outline:

Eliciting your values.

Through this process we establish your conscious and subconscious values and aligning them in a more productive and beneficial way to you. (The things that are important to you and the things you spend the most time on) This will unveil what is really ruling your life right now, so that you can make the necessary changes to install the values that will help you accomplish more of your goals and get you to your life vision faster.

Uncovering the deeper-rooted causes / reasons of your issues or problem.

Here we bond and get a deeper understanding of why you are here, your concerns, the reasons behind it and the possible causes. This powerful process helps us uncover negative patterns, negative behavior, negative habits, conflict you may have with yourself or negative emotions you may be holding on to, and limitations that was previously hidden and holding you back in life. We unravel your negative or limiting beliefs, possible traumas, phobias and much more to form the basis of building a super awesome bright future for you.

Goal Setting.

Together we go on a journey of learning how to set, implement and reach realistic goals and working towards them.

Learning about your individual essence and how this effects your life.

It is crucial to discover how you see and experience the world, how this effects your life, your dreams and your vision going forward. Understanding how your view, beliefs, habits and behavior determines your reality is key for you to succeed.

Understanding your Subconscious Mind.

We all refer to conscious and subconscious, but do we really know the difference and how these delicate parts in our minds have a massive impact on our lives? This will be an eye opener for you where you will gain a new perspective and exciting knowledge on the workings of your mind, the effects of thought and emotions on yourself, your life, and others around you. Gaining the awareness that will enable you to create the reality you would like to experience.


Determining your Driver Focus Filter and creating new powerful ones.

Your Driver Focus Filter forces your subconscious mind to put all of your attention on one specific thing or issue. It’s a fact that what we focus on constantly we get more of, even if it’s a negative thought. So by reformulating your Driver Focus Filter, we empower you to focus on 6-8 positive areas in your life that you want more of.

Inner Conflict Therapy™.

This powerful technique, will bring to the font the two conflicting “voices” you always have in your head, helping them to understand each other better and team up so you can stop doubting yourself, feel powerful, influential and inspired. The amazing payoff of this therapy is that you are left with a feeling of peace, calmness and are ready to accept new possibilities in your life.

Negative Emotional Therapy™ (Remove emotions such as guilt, fear, anger, rejection, hurt, doubt, anxiety).

Negative Emotional Therapy™, is a potent powerful tool that will help you to let go and release built-up, unresolved negative emotions you’ve been carrying with you your entire life. We all know, building up emotions causes emotional outbursts, uncontrollable anxiety, prolonged feelings of depression and sadness, or debilitating fear. Getting a grip on these emotions and having control over them, rather them having control over you, will give you a massive advantage in life, provides calmness and focus to pursue the future you dream of and give you’re the ability to much better deal with the challenges life may present you.

Negative Believe Therapy™ (Removing limiting Beliefs you have, replace these with empowering positive beliefs).

Over time we tend to accept certain things in our life as the truth or as “just so”. Whether it’s about something, our perspective or about ourselves. Negative Believe Therapy™ will eliminate these negative beliefs and thought patterns giving us the opportunity to install new powerful empowering beliefs and thought patterns.

Installing new Empowering Beliefs.

In order to move forward and for growth to occur, it is important that we heal these negative / limiting beliefs and instill inspiring, invigorating and energetic new beliefs.


Anxiety Eliminator.

Anxiety is the signal from your Subconscious Mind telling you that you are busy focusing on what you do NOT want. So, let’s take the necessary action and do whatever it takes to change your focus only towards what you choose to have or want to experience, to have a positive outcome in your life.

Achieving Unconditional Self Love.

Self-love is your secret weapon to living a fulfilling life. That’s because your inner world creates your outer world. Before you can receive love and respect from others, you need to love and respect yourself. No one else quite experience life as you do and having a healthy Self-love helps fills the gaps we have when others don’t quite understand us. When you hold yourself in high esteem, you’re more likely to choose things that nurture your well-being and serve you well. Having a clear understanding of what your boundaries are and being able to set them, communicates that you value yourself. As a result, you’re more likely to have more fulfilling relationships. Without self-love, you drastically decrease your ability to be successful at anything. Failed businesses, relationships, ideas, all stem from a lack of self-love.


Bang Pattern™ – Give new life to and renew your Self-Image.

Our programme ends on an exciting high note with installing a brand-new self-image for you, that’s aligned with the genuine new YOU. Taking on the world with confidence, happiness or inner peace. You have invested in YOU, and now a world awaits you, to apply and live what you have learnt and experienced and reap the benefits of your investment.

Take action!

Programme Costs

The coaching programme takes 16-18 hours to complete.

Option A:       Three consecutive days (9am through to 5pm each day)

Option B:       One 2-hour session per week over 8/9 weeks.

Option C:       Two 2-hour sessions per week over 4 weeks.

Face to Face sessions, Option A, B & C Full upfront payment:
R 13 900

Face to Face sessions, Option A, B or C in two payments:
1st R 7 950   |   2nd R 7 950   |   Total = R 15 900

All prices quoted, excludes 15% VAT

Location: Your Bright Future (PTY) LTD Offices , Kloof Street, Observatory, Johannesburg
Ages: 18+ (Parental Consent required for children under the ages of 18)

Sessions via Zoom / Skype:
R 15 000

All prices quoted, exclude 15% VAT

Location:  Your Bright Future (Pty) Ltd Offices, Kloof Street, Observatory, Johannesburg, 2198

Ages: 18+ (Parental consent required for children under the age of 18)