What Is Health & Fitness Transformation Coaching?

A transformation coach is not a personal trainer, a counselor or a dietitian. However, Your Bright Future do have a fully functional Gym and qualified Personal trainers that can also help you with your physical goals through The Muscle Factory in addition to Health & Fitness coaching to compliment this process.

Powerfull Healthy Mind ….. Powerfull Healthy Body!


The real game-changing dimensions to health & fitness coaching is the real emphasis on the transformation coach paying close attention and listening to you, and learning from you where your challenges originate in terms of health & fitness. Remember, the transformation coach is your expert and is there to help you solve your problems. They help you shift your focus and together embark with you on a journey together, to help you change your life. A transformation coach can help you bridge the gap between medical recommendations and the behaviors required to implement them.

Health and fitness transformation coaching brings critical behavior-change, that previously, have been lacking to exercise, nutrition, nursing and other health areas. The coaching process incorporates support strategies into services that are dependent upon behavior change, in order to achieve positive outcomes. Health & fitness coaching helps you achieve health-related goals, with a focus on areas such as your thought patterns, behavior change, exercise and nutrition barriers.

With over 25 years’ experience, in exercise and fitness knowledge in my own gym as a fitness professional, the health & fitness coaching segment of Your Bright Future, is a natural fit for My coaching competencies will allow you to help build self-awareness, self-reflection and self-compassion to become more self-driven in terms of your health and fitness.

Transformation Health & Fitness Coaching, transform your relationship to your body. Your mental and physical habits become supportive of each other. You become in charge of your food, fitness and health, versus being powerless to them. You learn how to take care of yourself, amidst the circumstances of your life. You realize how to create and connect to the mind and body, and as a result, will leave you feeling fulfilled, satisfied and balanced.


Benefits of Transformation coaching in Health & Fitness:

  • Together we find long term solutions for you to lose that unwanted weight or to build that muscle you want.
  • We discover any root causes, sabotaging or limiting beliefs, of why you previously struggled to reach your health and fitness goals, and we eliminate these and replace them with positive mind-blowing beliefs.
  • The coaching process empowers you to get back in control and feel and stay motivated.
  • Experience the joy of more energy and doing things easier as your fitness keeps getting better and better.
  • Reap the awesome benefits of living a more balanced and full life, being happy and satisfied with yourself.

Have you been struggling to lose weight, gain weight, battling to keep to your exercise goals, or perhaps you just don’t know what has been holding you back? You want that feeling of content, confidence and body you are happy and comfortable with, right? So, let’s get you on track to a super healthy and fit new you!