Eliminate those Yukky feelings

Feeling Stressed?

Feeling Anxious?

Think you may be depressed?

Exhausted? Have no motivation?


Be social and feel that you belong

Struggling to make new friends?

Find it hard to talk to strangers or to be in a group of people?

Get nervous when you have to speak in public or in front of others?


See yourself, hear yourself, believe in yourself!

Feel self-conscious a lot?

Wish you had more confidence?

Would you like to lose or gain a few Kgs?

Ever considered that you may have an eating disorder?

Battling to think of exercise?


Exchange your tears for smiles!

Diagnosed or think you may have PTSD?

Trauma or loss you endured weighs heavy on you?

Feeling angry and frustrated a lot?

Covid19 is freaking you out and has affected you in some way?

Picking up your life after divorce?


To love and be loved

Difficulties in your relationship?

The dating scene hard for you?

Struggling to resolve your sexual identity?

I don’t fit in….


Write your own, personal Fairy tale

Searching for inner Peace?

Feeling stuck in your life?

Midlife Crisis – all is upside down!

Wondering “what is next or is this what life has to offer?