Searching for inner Peace?

He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the world.”

~Marcus Aurelius.


How can I find peace of mind? It’s a question often asked, but rarely answered in a satisfying way. Some say peace of mind lies in security. Some say it’s about de-cluttering, and finding stillness and calm in life. Some say it’s about acceptance and letting go. I say, it’s all about self-acceptance and getting rid of any negativity, that holds you back in life.

There are many beliefs that you probably experience on a daily basis, subconsciously, that sink your sense of self-confidence and overall happiness. If you had to analyze these thoughts and beliefs that arise in your mind day after day, you would probably be able to shift to a more positive and confident outlook on life, full of peace and serenity.

How many of us inherently have the following beliefs silently in our minds?

  • When I get what I want, I will feel better.
  • I could never do this or that, like he or she does?
  • I need to be careful of everyone, they are all out to get me!
  • I should be able to work as hard as so and so does.

These may be just some examples but are all normal, yet terrible sabotaging beliefs most of us have, preventing us from moving forward in life, preventing us from finding stillness, quietness in our minds, and the inner peace we so badly want.

Most people searching for inner peace, look for outside reasons and their surroundings, in an effort to find inner peace, without even realizing it. As much as we all wish a magic item, environment or person out there, will provide us with inner peace, we both know inner peace only comes from within, and stems from our deeply rooted beliefs about ourselves and the way we react (our habits and behaviors) to different circumstances.

Everyone can find inner peace. The path is through acceptance. However, there are countless paths for finding acceptance. Some people take a longer path than others as they work out to resolve personal inner conflicts within their life.


Do you also want continuous overflowing joy and bliss daily? Do you want to feel free of your problems and emotional pain?

Coaching can help you by working with you, to let go of the need to always be doing. By constantly trying to aim for perfection in your life and yourself, you are not seeing the beauty of what is already there. Learn to trust yourself and access your intuition. We are all ‘works in progress’. So instead of focusing on what you are not, why not begin to accept your wonderful self? Remember, self-esteem is the immune system of your mind.

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